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The Caroliner Celebrates a Scary Good Month of Music!

Posted on 11/10/2015
while you wait for wax...
"While You Wait For Wax” is a brand new independent record store exclusive initiative launched by Caroline. The promotion seeks to level the playing field and provide indie stores with an exclusive, limited issue piece of content for titles that will not be day and date with vinyl. These exclusive "physical instant gratification" pieces allow indie stores to collect vinyl sales that would otherwise be lost in the lead up to vinyl street date and ensure they can drive traffic and provide unique and interesting content for their customers and fans of Caroline artists!

Headlining the program's initial offerings are an exclusive MUTEMATH full length cassette (featuring 2 exclusive bonus tracks and a DL code for the full album) of their upcoming album VITALS and a Glass Animals deluxe full length cassette (featuring 4 stripped down bonus tracks) of their smash debut ZABA!
  The @AlabamaShakes perform emotional new track "#Joe" on The Late Show with @StephenColbert.
  @Pitchfork raves over @VanessaCarlton's latest album "Liberman" from @DineAlone
  G-Unit boss @50Cent surprised the Circle of Sisters crowd with an appearance for @Rotimi's "Lotto."
  The #1-charting @FFDP follow "Jekyll & Hyde" with a new single "Wash It All Away," out now from @ProspectPark.
  Globetrotting Brits @TheMaccabees packed rooms across @CMJ after raved about performances at @AustinCityLimits.
  Congrats to @Avant for his @BET Soul Train nomination for the Centric Certified Award! Listen to his top-five radio single "Special" now.
  We can't stop jamming out to @VivianGreen's new album #Vivid and now she's been tapped for a @BET Soul Train Award nomination. Go Vivian go!
  She has her own record label and her own clothing line... and now #RichHipster @ChrisetteMichele's has a @BET Soul Train Award nomination too. Congrats!
  Watch Saskatchewan's @TheSheepdogs terrorize the squarest office building #Downtown. Their latest #FutureNostalgia is available now from @DineAlone.
  New Orleans' @Pell reveals payday anthem "Almighty Dollar" from his Dave Sitek-produced debut "LIMBO." It's out Nov 6 from @FederalPrism.
  The only thing better than a view of @BenRector on stage is Ben's view from stage! Check out moments from his #BrandNew
  Watch the soft-lit video for @FortLean's "#21" and then check out their debut LP #QuietDay out now from Brooklyn's @OohLaLaRecords.
  @TheUnderachievers continue to create can't miss videos from their latest Evermore: The Art Of Duality. Watch the latest for #GenerationZ here.
  Rising @IRSNashville star @MarcScibilia hits the road with @GavinJames. Marc's album #OutOfStyle is out now.

Jay Dryburgh
Mgr., Digital Marketing
Hello! I'm Jay Dryburgh, digital marketing dude at Caroline. I embrace the independent spirit and history of Caroline and enjoy dreaming up off-the-wall or rogue ways of presenting our artists to the world. Outside of work I'm usually playing cards with a baseball game on tv in the background or looking for the best burger in Brooklyn. I feel naked without my Caroline tuxedo jacket and rarely remove it.

Keeping with the theme of the season these are some spooky songs for spooky times. Take a listen to my Caroliner Corner Playlist here!
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