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One part Mars Volta + one part At The Drive-In, These progressive punk rockers are smashing down new doors on their debut, self-titled album, ANTEMASQUE out now!  (nadie sound)

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tv on the radio

their new album SEEDS, featuring first single "Happy Idiot" is a celebration, and many critics are calling it their best yet.  See for yourself (HARVEST)

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nick lachey

Nick’s new album, Soundtrack of My Life, is a collection of some of his favorite songs from well known films, including a specially recorded Christmas track, “Where Are You Christmas,” just in time for the holidays.

azealia banks

The NY POST calls her long-awaited debut a "stylistically schizophrenic collection by an artist who is tuned into almost every genre of music you can imagine." (Prospect Park)

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am aesthetic

The T-based power trio turned heads when their blistering single, “We Caught Fire,” landed on the recent BHi compilation From The Rabbit Hole.”  Now the band have unleashed their debut full-length, “Future Tense.” (BHi)